Shipping from Australia to Thailand by Air and Sea Freight

We offer comprehensive services ranging from product sourcing, importing goods, and customs clearance procedures, to direct delivery throughout Thailand to your doorstep (door-to-door) with tax clearance.

Whether your shipment is small or large, we transport everything from small household goods to large pieces of furniture.

Our professional team with extensive import experience can handle everything from start to finish, providing all-inclusive services.

We provide a diverse range of packaging options, including cartons, cases, crates, pallets, and more, tailored to meet our customers’ specific requirements and international safety standards for exporting.


Shipping Freight to Thailand from Australia (Air & Sea Freight)

We provide delivery services for customers who live in Thailand and Australia. Customers can order and ship products to our branch or warehouse in Australia.

We also offer services for storage, consolidation, and packaging to deliver directly to Thailand. All our services are tax-inclusive. There are no additional charges at the final destination.

Customers can choose between air freight (7-10 days) and sea freight (45-60 days), and door-to-door delivery options.

Sabuy Express AUS-THA

Shipping of Personal Possessions or Relocation

We offer a cost-effective service for sending items, whether it’s clothing, personal belongings, kitchen appliances, electrical appliances, or sports shoes, back to Thailand. It is suitable for students, government officials, and the general Thai community who live in Australia. We cater to both small shipments and larger-scale relocations back to Thailand. We provide various options at different price points, including both sea and air freight, to suit your needs.


Shipping Spare Parts, Coffee Machines or Large Equipment

For customers, traders, and merchants residing in Australia who wish to purchase coffee machines, tent equipment, or car parts and have them delivered back to Thailand, we offer a service for procurement, storage, and sea freight delivery. We have monthly shipment cycles, ensuring the most cost-effective and budget-friendly prices.

Shopping Online/Purchasing Service

For customers residing in Thailand who wish to order products from websites in Australia, we offer a free purchasing service. We can help you purchase a wide range of items, including brand-name products, vitamins, creams, cosmetics, perfumes, yoga outfits, children’s toys and much more.

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Pickup Service at Your Convenience

We offer a doorstep pickup service for customers residing in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, and Tasmania and two internal territories—the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory. Customers can specify the date and time for parcel pick up at their earliest convenience.


Our Warehouse

We have a warehouse for storing and collecting goods. In addition, we have fully-equipped forklifts and various equipment to provide services for handling large cargo.


Additionally, we offer comprehensive storage and warehousing services, allowing us to consolidate goods from multiple suppliers and facilitate efficient shipping. Our warehouse implements a high-standard management system, capable of accommodating the unique needs of various product types. As a value-added benefit, customers who ship with us receive a complimentary one-month warehousing service. The cost our company charges for shipping goods from Australia to Thailand has never been lower, due to our streamlining efforts.

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Air Freight (EXPRESS)


Sea Freight (ECONOMY)


Shipping from Australia to Thailand in 6 simple steps

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Add us as a friend in LINE Official OA @sabuyexpress

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Online shopping assistance is also provided (if any)

Auth-Step 03

Send your pracel to our office/WH in Australia

Auth-Step 04

Complete payment

Auth-Step 05

Shipment tracking is provided

Auth-Step 06

Parcel is delivered to your doorstep



Purchasing service


Quarantine & customs clearance process


Wooden crate packing & fumigation

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